Matcha espresso

Matcha, a sweet tasted beverage original form oriental Espresso of Italy is a strong flavors when you have it a tiny amount of drinking pure of that without any sugar of it, what would be the delightful combination of Matcha and espresso together in a vial scheme and not to be scattered disorder and well contented……visit or kindle book store to find out the ebook title Matcha espresso and Matcha espresso II that people won’t miss them from author Glory Glory


The potential middle class prequel of my favorite present & my favorite present

Korean war could be argued as the stretch of World war II while Japanese ended ruling Korea since 1910 to 1945. Afterwards Korean peninsula had divided into North and South Korea by 38th parallel with two separated government due to the cold war between the United States and Soviet union and both governments declared that one of each is legitimated regime for whole Korea. President Truman of the United States had declared publicly that Korean war was a war of free world to communism. The warfare was stalemate with both sides suffered from logistics problems by using traditional weapons of World war II such as tanks, ammunition and infantry etc. though heavy bombardment from U.S. with B29 bombers in Korea persistently while Japan was in the heyday of peace after World war II though the infrastructure was under reconstruction after atomic bombing and once Neal Bernal and Lebanon reunion in Nagasaki city after World war II……